Frequently asked questions about FemiLift

  • How is the laser treatment performed?

    The laser treatment is carried out in a regular gynecological examination chair. During the procedure, a hygienic probe, which carries the laser is injected into the vagina.
  • Who cannot have the treatment?

    Patients with diabetes or a weak immune system should not consider the therapy.
  • Can the procedure take place during menstruation?

    It not advisable to proceed with treatment during those days. The menstruation process could limit the laser’s effect.
  • Is there anything that could possibly go wrong?

    CO2 lasers have been used for 30 years and are extremely safe and effective for many treatments, also in gynaecology. A very similar laser technique is used in facial treatments, for anti-ageing and for wrinkle reduction. The laser is only used by trained specialists (as required by the producer). However, as with any medical intervention performed incorrectly or by a non-professional, scaring or difficulties when urinating could occur.
  • Can you continue physical exercise the following day?

    Nearly all regular activities can be continued straight after the treatment, yet strenuous physical exercise should be avoided for the next three days.
  • What sets the laser treatment apart from other methods of vaginal tightening?

    This method gives you the desired results without anesthesia or scaring.
  • Why should such treatments be performed by a gynecologist and not by a plastic surgeon?

    Due to the long-term experience of gynecologists with variations of internal and external genitalia, treatments are individualized, problem-specific and holistic.
  • My gynecologist recommended an operation to repair a uterine descent. Can I avoid an operation with the laser treatment?

    A significant descent of the uterus cannot be remedied with a laser. The laser treatment is most suitable for women with no major descent of the uterus and who want rejuvenated and tightened vaginal walls; this leads to a narrowing of the elastic vaginal tube.
  • I suffer from pain during sexual intercourse. Can this condition be improved by a laser treatment?

    The reasons for pain during intercourse are very different. For appropriate analysis, an examination and consultation are recommended.
  • How long after the procedure until I can have sexual intercourse again?

    Three days after the treatment you can resume sexual activity.
  • Can the cost be reclaimed from health insurance?

    No, unfortunately health insurance does not cover the cost.
  • How long do results from the treatment last?

    The tissues continue to undergo the aging process after the laser treatment. We offer another laser treatment in 12-24 months, depending on the experience and needs of each patient.
  • How much does a treatment with the FemiLift laser cost?

    There will be three treatment sessions spaced over a one-month interval. Altogether, including the first consultation, the treatment is CHF 1,800.
Dr. med. Bettina von Seefried Dr. med. Bettina von Seefried
Specialist Doctor in Gynecology, Gynecological Surgery and Obstetrics, FMH. Master in Cosmetic Vaginal Surgery (ECAMS).