Abortion curettage (suction/scraping for restrained or partially restrained abortion)

A scraping of the uterus is done after a miscarriage and can be used to remove the remains of the embryo and placenta from the uterine cavity to prevent infection.

The term curettage or scraping out sounds far worse than it really is. Curettage takes only a few minutes and is performed under general anesthesia. The external genital area is cleaned and covered with sterile drapes. A speculum is inserted into the vagina and the cervix is dilated. Usually, the uterine cavity is primarily emptied with a suction curettage (aspiration). Then the actual scraping of the uterus is done with a curette. This spoonlike, blunt instrument allows the doctor to carefully remove additional material from the cervix. The tissue may then be sent to the laboratory for examination.

Patients can be discharged home 2-3 hours after the procedure and usually a follow-up appointment is arranged after 4-6 weeks.

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