Breast surgery to remove breast findings

If a benign tumor (e.g. a fibroadenoma- benign tumor of the breast) is diagnosed, there is the possibility to remove it minimally invasive by means of vacuum biopsies. Up to a size of 25 mm, these nodes can be removed under ultrasound control under local anesthesia using a biopsy needle.

  • If a benign tumor (e.g. a fibroadenoma - benign tumor of the breast) is diagnosed, this finding can be treated with the following methods if it is disturbing or growing:
  • for findings up to 25 mm, which are not too close to the skin, can be removed minimally invasively by means of a vacuum biopsy (link guide). This can be done in the practice under ultrasound guidance and local anesthesia. In the case of larger findings, these can be removed by means of a small skin incision in the event of discomfort or growth. As a rule, this is an outpatient procedure, which means that the patient can be discharged home the same day.

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