Better ageing - Prevention is the medicine of the 21st century

„We need to care for health, not the disease.“
Dr. Lothar Burgerstein (1895-1987)
A girl born in Switzerland today has an average life expectancy of 84 years.

Preventive medicine and better ageing attempt to determine what measures we can take to help our bodies to enjoy better health and vitality into old age.

In childhood, adolescence, young and middle adulthood, the fertile phase of life and the postmenopausal phase of life, the body is exposed to different stresses and has varying basic needs. The period of our life that comes after the fertile lifetime (the time in which we can have children) is longer than in any other mammal.

This is a phase in which our metabolism and hormone balance change. We often feel these changes in the form of a lack of energy or declining ability. At the same time, micronutrient requirements are changed. With age, the risk of serious illnesses increases.

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