Removal of tissue samples from the breast/ mammary graft biopsy

For breast cancer screening, regular breast self-examination is recommended, as well as routine examination as part of the annual check-up. But what happens next if a woman has felt a lump in her breast or an abnormality is found in the early detection examination? The next step...

Therapy of breast carcinoma – What’s new?

Every year, an average of 6200 women and 50 men are diagnosed with breast cancer in Switzerland. Breast cancer is thus the most common form of cancer in women.  The annual consensus conference on this topic is held in St. Gallen, Switzerland, to gather the opinions of...

Pregnancy and Corona pandemic (Covid-19)

Since the outbreak of the Corona Virus in spring 2020 it has been the dominating topic. Now the second wave has arrived, but unlike in spring pregnant women are considered to be a risk group. In the following text we want to give you an update to what is known about Corona...