First visit to the gynecologist

  02. June 2022

What can I expect at my first visit to the gynecologist?

First of all, when is it time to go to the gynecologist?
Typical reasons would be, for example: Pain during menstruation or heavy bleeding that lasts longer than 7 days. Irregular menstrual bleeding is normal in the first few years after the onset of menarche ( beginning of the 1st menstrual period ).

The desire for contraception for the first sexual relationship and clarity about the different contraceptive methods. Here we advise on pills with and without estrogen, hormone, and copper IUDs, Nexplanon (rods in the arm), and ask about risk factors for use in a detailed medical history.

In this context, information on protection against sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) is equally important. We explain the transmission routes, how to protect yourself, how to recognize an infection, and how to treat it.

In addition, the topic of HPV vaccination always comes up. This is the vaccination against cervical cancer that many young women have already received at school age. But this is possible at any age. Health insurance companies pay for vaccination up to the age of 26. Why is vaccination recommended, and how does it actually prevent cervical cancer.

When you go to the gynecologist for the first time, you can of course come with a companion, e.g. a parent (usually the mother), a friend, your partner, or even on your own. The important thing is to feel comfortable. We try to create a relaxed and familiar atmosphere in which it is easier to talk about possible problems and to answer all open questions. Feeling ashamed to talk about sexual issues or ask questions is normal. But there should be the feeling that you can ask the doctor anything and get help no matter what problem you raise.

It may also be important to know that doctor-patient confidentiality applies and that the things you discuss with the doctor also remain in the practice and must never be shared with relatives.

The actual examination often does not take place at the very first visit, unless this is explicitly requested. You get to know each other first and eventually decide to try a contraceptive. In the process, one can then also have a screening examination. This would be due if there are acute complaints or if there has been a sexual relationship for a while.

I hope I could take away your fear of your first visit to the gynecologist and hope to see you in our practice soon…