Specialised consultation in senology

Our team of experts for the diagnosis and treatment of breast diseases at gynhealth will provide you with comprehensive and empathetic care. We understand the worries and fears that can accompany breast diseases.

We are at your side from diagnosis to treatment. We carry out thorough examinations to find the best possible treatment for you. We attach great importance to personalised care and individual treatment approaches.

Whether it's preventive measures, the treatment of benign changes, counselling in high-risk situations (genetic counselling) or the medical and surgical treatment of breast cancer - you are in the best hands with us. Our empathetic team, led by Dr. med. Claudia Hutzli Schaltegger, will accompany you on your path to health and provide you with support.

Our services include:
  • Preventive measures and check-ups: Early detection of risk factors and diseases.
  • Diagnostic procedures: Imaging procedures and biopsies for accurate diagnosis.
  • Genetic counselling: Assessment of hereditary risk and individual counselling.
  • Treatment of benign breast diseases: Gentle and effective therapies.
  • Breast cancer therapy: Drug and surgical treatments, customised to your individual needs.
  • Aftercare and rehabilitation: Long-term care to ensure your health and quality of life.

Our aim is to support you at every stage of your treatment and ensure the best possible care. You can rely on our experienced team.

Contact us for personalised advice and further information.


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