Special consultation hours for adolescent gynaecology

Dr. med. Anna Fischer's special consultation hours for adolescent gynaecology are there to help young girls and teenagers with all their questions and concerns relating to gynaecological health. We know that the transition from girl to woman can be associated with many changes and uncertainties. That is why we attach great importance to sensitive, trustworthy and discreet care.

Typical concerns and counselling

The first visit to the gynaecologist can be associated with many questions and uncertainties. Common reasons for an initial consultation include issues such as contraception, sexual education, the HPV vaccination or irregularities and problems with menstruation. In our specialised consultation hours, we take the time to discuss these concerns in an atmosphere of trust and find individual solutions. We offer comprehensive information and answer all the questions that young women have during this important phase of their lives.

Our aim is not only to offer young girls and teenagers medical solutions, but also to create a trusting environment in which they feel safe and in good hands. We accompany them through every step of their gynaecological development and provide them and their families with advice and support.


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