Dr. med. Martina von Watzdorf

Specialist Doctor in Gynecology and Obstetrics.


2005-2011 Study of Medicine at the Medical University of Vienna
2012-2017 Resident Physician at the Women´s Health Clinic – University of Ulm (Prof. Dr. med. W. Janni)
2017-2018 Resident Physician at the Women´s Health Clinic – Spital Uster (Dr. med. M. Sekulovski)

Recent Activity

since 2019 Practical activity at gynhealth GmbH


2013 GCP Certificate for clinical trials (Alcedis/ Universitätsklinikum Ulm)
2016 Intensiv training course for gynecological endocrinology and reproductive medicine (Intensivkurs Baden-Württemberg)
2017 Psychosomatic basic care (CAN)
2017 DEGUM-Certificate I for gynecology and obstetrics
2017 Training course for breast ultrasound accordingly to the DEGUM (Medical University Erlangen)
2017 Training course for colposkopy accordingly AG-CPC (Munich)


I’m married, a mother of two children and I speak German and English.