Unfulfilled desire to have children

Dear patient,

The desire to have a child is one of the most natural things in the world. Sometimes, however, life does not quite go according to plan and what works so easily for others, the procreation of a child, seems difficult to unattainable. Most unintentionally childless couples ask themselves: Why is this happening to us? What is the underlying cause of our childlessness? What can we do to improve our fertility?

We have made the experience that many couples who wish to have children feel left alone on their path and are confronted with great uncertainties and stress. This can have a negative impact on relationships with partners and family, friendships, jobs, sexuality and quality of life.

In most cases, however, the chances of pregnancy can be positively influenced thanks to a variety of treatment methods.

We are happy to be there for you and take the time to inform you as thoroughly as possible about the various causes of infertility and to inform you about the necessary clarifications and treatment options in order to accompany you comprehensively on your path to a desired child.

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