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I am planning a pregnancy – What should I be aware of?

  10. May 2020     

For many women there comes a time when they decide to have a baby. At the same time most of the women ask themselves if there is anything specifically that they should be aware of before they get pregnant or how they can positively influence a pregnancy.


Contraception with IUD

  05. April 2020      Dr. med. Friederike Bender

Many women wish a natural contraception with low or no hormones and without side effects. The IUD is a good alternative to the contraceptive pill for women who do not want to take an increased risk of thrombosis, who experience side-effects or who are not allowed to take birth...


Nausea in Pregnancy

  12. February 2020      Gudrun Mehring

In the first months of a pregnancy (first trimester) ca. 80% of women suffer from nausea the so called« morning sickness ». Half of the women have to vomit. Luckily it is rare that vomiting and nausea are so severe that it is impossible to stay hydrated; only 1% of women suffer...


Treat heavy menstruation (menorrhagia, hypermenorrhea) with NovaSure

  13. March 2016      Dr. med Bettina von Seefried

The topic of excessive menstrual flow confronts us again and again. Women often suffer from this after giving birth and when reaching the age of 40. This kind of strong or prolonged menstruation is also called menorrhagia or hypermenorrhea. At the very least, it leads to lost...


Medical examination of fallopian tube patency (HyCoSy)

  01. December 2015      Dr. med. Friederike Bender

In addition to testing a woman’s blood and a man’s sperm, an important screening for infertility is an examination of fallopian tube patency. Previously, this procedure could only be carried out with x-ray imaging (hysterosalpingography) and was quite painful, or by laparoscopy...


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