Outpatient & Inpatient Surgery

Since the regulation in the Krankenpflege-Leistungsverordnung (KLV) on "outpatient before inpatient", various procedures must be performed on an outpatient basis that were previously performed on an inpatient basis. This means that you leave the hospital on the same day and are on your own. It is important to us that you can reach us at any time in case of problems and accordingly we have organized ourselves as a team. It is also possible that your gynecologist will refer you to a public hospital for such procedures. If this is too anonymous for you and you would like to have a clear contact person for the upcoming procedure, then we will be happy to perform the procedure, but we will work very closely with your gynecologist so that he remains your supervising physician.

In the case of an inpatient procedure, you will remain in the hospital for one or more nights. In these cases, the free choice of doctor is linked to a supplementary inpatient insurance, i.e. semi-private or private hospital insurance. At Hirslanden Zurich, we can also admit and operate on patients with general insurance for inpatient procedures, but the waiting times are somewhat longer and you will be in a multi-bed room unless you arrange a so-called "upgrade" with the clinic.

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